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Hockey Playoff Schedule

The playoffs for the FALL 2014 Adult Roller Hockey season (August through October) are scheduled for Saturday, October 25, 2014. The buidling will open at 9:30am on playoff Saturday.

Download in Adobe Acrobat format Download the FALL 2014 Adult Hockey Playoff Schedule Download in Microsoft Word format
  • All playoff games that end regulation-play as a tie will be settled with as many 11-minute, full strength, sudden-death, running-clock overtime periods as necessary. Stop-time will be used in the last two minutes of any overtime period.
  • There is an 8-goal mercy rule in effect during all playoff games. The goal that results in an 8-goal differential will end the game.
  • Playoff games will be three 11-minute periods with a one-minute intermission between periods.
  • Players must have participated in at least five (5) regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs. Teams using ineligible players will forfeit the game.
  • Teams or Players with unpaid league fees are ineligible for the playoffs.
  • Teams must be prepared to start their games up to 30 minutes ahead of schedule
  • During all playoff games, the higher-seeded team will have choice of jersey colors.
  • All players must sign-in at the office prior to each playoff game. A photo I.D. will be required when signing-in. No exceptions.

In case of standings ties at the end of the regular season, the following tie-breaker criteria will be used to determine playoff spots:
  • Standings points
  • Wins (most)
  • Losses (fewest)
  • Head-to-head competition
  • Goals Allowed (fewest) - all games
  • Goal Differential (highest) - all games
  • Coin flip
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