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Lost and Found Policy
Players and spectators routinely leave items at the rink. In order to make it easier for the rightful owner(s) to retrieve these items, Rivertown Sports has the following policy concerning items left at the rink:
  • Please do not bring unnecessary valuable items to the rink.

  • Players should always zip their equipment bags closed while they are playing.

  • All players should identify their equipment, clothing, and personnel items with their name and/or telephone number on each item.  If we find items that are identified with a name and/or a telephone number we will attempt to contact you to let you know that we have your equipment.  You may then retrieve the equipment at your earliest convenience.

  • Items that are not identified with a name and/or a telephone number will be held in our Lost & Found area for a minimum of one (1) month.  After this time, the items may be disposed of in any way that we deem appropriate.  Clothing articles are normally donated to Goodwill. Hockey equipment normally is added to our collection of "loaner" equipment.

  • For health reasons, items such as water bottles, mouth guards, athletic supporters, protective cups, underwear, and the like will not be added to our Lost & Found area.  These items will be disposed of immediately.

  • If you believe that you may have left items at the rink, please call us at 538-5066 or email us at info@rivertownsports.com to see if we have found your items. To retrieve items that are not marked with your name and/or telephone number, you must be able to clearly and completely describe the item to us as well as telling us when you lost it. Simply telling us that you lost a "black helmet" or an "Easton stick" is not proof that you are the rightful owner.

  • Rivertown Sports assumes no responsibility for items lost or stolen at the rink.

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